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Lord, Why Do People Suffer?

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Lord, why do people suffer?

Mind you, the question popped up from my mind not because I wanted to satisfy a deep philosophical yearning. Rather, I feel that I am going through it. And I see it happening around me.

Why do we suffer, Lord?

I knew it was a rhetorical question. But the last thing I expected was to get an answer from the most mundane task that I do everyday.

You see, this year is such a trying year for Matthew and I. Three times I rushed him to the emergency in the hospital. Twice he had to be confined. Not only was it draining for us financially. But getting hospitalized is always a distressing experience. I did too, when I underwent a hysterectomy operation. That was likewise, an unnerving and draining (financially and emotionally) experience.

Why do we suffer, Lord?

Rising prices, sickness, famine, conflicts, bickering, gossip, slander. Countries at war. Families fighting each another. Will it ever stop?

I really don’t know. Probably, it will. Probably, it won’t. But one time, I felt God speak to me while cleaning up. I was sweeping the balcony at our little unit when lo and behold, I saw that this little green plant sprouted out of the crack of our concrete wall.

“Strange”, I said to myself. “How can a plant grow from a cracked concrete wall?”

I looked further, and saw an array of green plants growing out of the bigger cracks at our wall.

Can life be found in the midst of a hardened edifice? Who planted it? I know, i didn’t!

That’s when I heard a still small voice in my heart.

Bloom where you are planted.

Suffering is not the issue. Rather, what does suffering make of me? Probably, the Lord needs to break the hardened edifice of my heart so that he can make the most unlikely beautiful piece of art bloom. And give beauty not for anybody else but for Him and Him alone.

I felt such a deep peace in my heart after that.

Everyone suffers. No one is exempt from it. But what does it make of you? Will it harden you like the concrete wall that we see around us? Or can life be found within the cracked walls that suffering has wrought upon us. The answer lies not with Him but with us, and us alone.



Written by MattAndJojang

August 18, 2008 at 3:34 pm

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