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…increase our faith!

Luke 17:5

Times are hard. And it’s always a challenge for all of us to make ends meet. Quite recently, Matthew and I had a miracle.

It was an ordinary day for us. In fact, we were kinda stressed because we were running late for a meeting. When we arrived at the venue, Matthew chanced upon an old friend that he has not seen for a long time. We were a little worried, because we know the meeting had begun. But we decided to stay and talk for a while because they seemed excited to see us. After a while, one of them, set Matthew aside and they seem to be sharing a secret. Shortly after, we said our goodbyes and hurriedly went on to the meeting. While walking, Matthew whispered to me that his friend gave him a sum of money. I was surprised, but grateful for their generosity.

Actually, Matthew and I were feeling under the weather with colds and sore throat the past week. But since we had little funds, we didn’t want to have a medical check up. Now that we have a little in our pockets, we both decided to go through with the lab tests and see the doctor. True enough, we had viral infections and were prescribed antibiotics. When we bought the medicines and counted our change, we realized that what Matthew’s friend gave us was just enough to buy our medicines, pay for our lab tests, etc.

Isn’t it amazing? The Lord provides for our needs.

Just in time…



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October 24, 2008 at 9:04 pm

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