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Of BMWs and Classy Looking Women

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I live in Baguio City. And Baguio residents don’t usually go agog over personalities that come over to visit. I see a lot of tv personalities, politicians, and other famous people go to the market, walk around the city and the people just let them be.

However, any famous personality will surely catch the attention of anybody.

I had that experience a while ago. I was standing in front of Matthew’s office, waiting for a cab. From afar, I saw this sleek, elegant looking, classy BMW car approaching. My eyes followed the car wanting to know who lucky fellow was seated behind the wheel. When it passed by me, true enough it was one of the younger single politicians in the country. Seated beside him was a very, very pretty classy looking woman. I got excited and exclaimed to my companion,

“Hey look! It’s ____ and he was with a very beautiful woman. Far better looking than any of the starlets we see on local tv. ”

Some people seem to have everything, I sighed. The esteem of his colleagues, a great car, and a classy looking woman beside him.

Then I looked back, and saw the adoration chapel. Matthew works full time for a Catholic community and a portion of the building is dedicated to a Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. There, the Holy Eucharist is exposed twenty four hours. And people from all walks of life come and go to pray and seek refuge.

Then I felt it in my heart. I have more than everything. God loves me. He died for me. What affirmation can be more important than that. We don’t own a car nor a BMW, but when I come before the Lord in prayer, I know that I am transported into the throne room of God. And His majesty and glory is far better than any classy looking man or woman.

Indeed, I am grateful and content. I have more than everything.


Written by MattAndJojang

November 7, 2008 at 9:22 pm

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