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McDonald’s or Jollibee

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“whoever is not with me is against me.”

Luke 11:23


I used to travel a lot. Where I used to work, I go around the country to promote the product that we carry. Now, I live in Baguio. Occasionally I go to Manila for some business and personal matters. One thing I notice wherever I go, is that the food chain Jollibee and McDonalds are mushrooming all over the country. If you find a Jollibee somewhere, surely you will find a McDonald’s branch lurking nearby. More often than not they are just a few meters away from each other. This leaves me sometimes undecided. What would it be today, McDonald’s or Jollibee?

jollibee2 I hope that my walk with God will be as simple as trying to decide if I should eat in McDonald’ or Jollibee. May it will not leave me hurting anyone, esp myself or God. If someone gives me excess change, will I return it or keep the money? When I am so angry at someone who has hurt me, and I want to retaliate. Will I complain when I know I should forgive and forbear?

It’s a daily choice to be “for” Him or “against” Him. And I know that the Lord doesn’t expect me to make the right choices all of the time. Because I’m not perfect. But I pray that when that happens my mistakes won’t be irreconcilable enough to deprive me from going to the Home that has been prepared for me by Jesus. May He grant me wisdom and grace to follow Him every step of the way.

– Jojang

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February 23, 2009 at 9:47 pm

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