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Mother’s Day Reflections

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Mother's Day

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I am my mother after all,” reads a plaque I’ve noticed in store displays. It is meant as a rueful acknowledgment of the inevitability of genetic imprinting in the mother-daughter dance. We turn into some version of our mothers, is the message – never mind whether we want to or not.

In my case, that’s a good thing if it does come to pass. My mother was someone that everybody adored. So far, I’m a little short on the receiving end of the adoration factor, but who knows? It could happen, I guess. I’m open to the possibility – although to be honest, the only “mom” trait I see surfacing recently is the sudden inability to throw out leftovers.

I used to make fun of my mother for saving miniscule amounts of food that didn’t get eaten–a tablespoon of potato salad, a dab of this and that.

“You never know,” she’d shrug when I mocked this practice. “Someone may want it.”

A week later she’d throw it out. Which is pretty much the same cycle observed in my kitchen these days.

When I was in high school I began to realize how lucky I was in the matter of mothers. I had a friend – we’ll call her Beauty for the sake of anonymity – who was by any standard drop-dead gorgeous. Her mother was a holy terror, the likes of which I had never encountered. Beauty was a girl all of us envied – black hair and blue eyes, creamy skin and a perfect body. If that was not enough, she was one of the smartest kids in school, as well as athletically gifted. And she was nice on top of it! None of that seemed to matter to her mother who regularly berated Beauty in my presence and made insane predictions about the hopelessness of her daughter’s future. Indeed it was likely none of us would amount to much, according to her regular rants.

My mother was a good listener, so over the years many of my friends used her as a sounding board. Even when I went through snitty bouts of teenage rebellion, it was hard to maintain a decent level of resentment against her, especially after I was exposed to truly awful models of maternal behavior. In college I met girls whose mothers were ice queens incapable of expressing affection or drama queens in constant emotional overdrive.

As Mother’s Day approaches I can’t say that my mom is any more present in my thoughts than at other times. She’s always there, but I wish she could join us for a family gathering. She’d be so proud of her grandsons and take such delight in her great-granddaughter.

And I would take the opportunity – as I probably did not, often enough – to tell her what a great mother she was.

Colleen Kerry Warren


Written by MattAndJojang

May 10, 2009 at 9:57 am

One Response

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  1. Happy Mothers Day; A Tribute to Mothers,

    The Architect of Life

    Mothers; The Architect, Inspiring Foundation and Legend of our Life

    A Humble & Admirable Tribute to Mothers;

    Mothers are The Very Most Admirable; Adorable; Beautiful;

    Creative; Honourable; Intelligent; Loving & Respected Persons

    Mothers are the Symbol of Peace, Faith, Hope, Love, Courage,

    Vision,Wisdom, Noble Principles & Values and the very Finest

    Virtues of Life

    Mothers; The Meaningful Pioneer of our Life;

    Mothers are the epitome of divinity


    A Mother gives us the most precious Gift of Life and then nurtures us thoughtfully, with love, care and utmost affection, standing by us at each and every step of Life


    We should seek to always be there for our Mothers likewise; standing by and very most lovingly supporting our Mothers at each and every step of Life; always with Admiration; Appreciation; Immense Gratitude; Love and Respect for our Mothers always; God Bless Mothers always with the Very Best in Life

    Life always truly encourages us to pursue our objectives with a True and Meaningful Vision of Wisdom – meaningful consideration- meaningful intention- meaningful priority- meaningful responsibility- meaningful diligence- meaningful fortitude; meaningful forbearance; meaningful temperance; meaningful prudence, meaningful wisdom and meaningful confidence at each and every instance, whether in thought or deed


    A Mother is the very Pillar; The very meaningful foundation upon which our Life is so very meaningfully constructed

    Good Natured Principles & Values

    A Mother is the stable and meaningful foundation of good natured principles and values that our Mother’s teach us
    The Very Greatest Inspiration

    Mothers are the very greatest inspiration of our Life that molds; shapes; designs; sculpts our Life very most affectionately; thoughtfully, inspiringly, characteristically, meaningfully; cherishingly and motivatingly ;-


    A Mother is the Greatest Gift of Nature to Humanity


    The above is an attestation of the fact that, “The Greatest Treasure of our Life are our Mothers”

    When we respect our Mother first always; When we first reciprocate the love and affection showered on us by our Loving Mothers and always support our Mothers when they need us; we are truly living the very finest moments of our life


    It is very true and has been repeatedly mentioned that a society is essentially identified and recognized by the way in which it treats its Women in the Society; especially our Mothers; Mothers are the Pillars of our Society

    Continued …………….


    May 10, 2009 at 10:49 am

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