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Words That Shimmer

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We crave truth tellers. We crave real truth. There is so much baloney all the time. You know, the performance of political speech, of speeches you say on the news, doesn’t it often feel to you like there should be a thought bubble over it that says, you know, what I really would say if I could say it. You know, these people who I oppose, I don’t like them and I don’t want to work with them because they’re obstructionist, but I have to act like I want to partner with them because that’s the accepted form of discourse, but in fact, it’s not really getting us anywhere. Or, you know how I think of on things like, I don’t know, comedy shows when there’s a little ticker tape underneath it says “she’s lying”. That’s how I experience sometimes that sort of speech as well.

So I think, you know, I learn so much every day from being a mother. My sons are 11 and 12 and you see the way that children — they know when they’re being bamboozled. And they also are drawn toward language that shimmers, individuals words with power.

They will stop you and ask you to repeat a shimmering word if they’re hearing it for the first time. You can see it in their faces…

~ Elizabeth Alexander


Written by MattAndJojang

January 10, 2011 at 5:21 pm

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