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At the Crossroads

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In our lifetime, we will encounter many crossroads that will bring life changing moments and alter our directions. We pray the shift will be for the better. Often, decisions made at the crossroads, or crucial points in our lives, will either spell the prosperous beginnings, or endings of our careers, relationships, and spiritual quests.

And when the choice has been made, the journey should begin with sure and forward steps.

Recent events, like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the conflict in Libya, the people power in Egypt, and the earthquake in New Zealand, may have awakened the sleeping indecisions in our lives. Life is too short to wait for opportunities. We must seek the opportunities and do what must be done. Life must not drift – it must flow. We observe in awe, Japanese strength, calm, dignity, grace, discipline, and sacrifice over the tragic events that befell their country. And yet in quiet resolute they continue to pick up the pieces to rebuild their lives amidst grief and hardship. And then we ask ourselves, what if the same things happened to us? What then?

And yet, as the world responds, life goes on.

At the crossroads, we tarry a little and move on. We should trudge on even if the path is unsure. We equip ourselves with fighting spirit – our armor – to conquer all obstacles, and the sword of positive opportunities determined to succeed.

We look back. We review the roads taken and not taken. We ask ourselves why? Have we been passive or active in our decisions?  Have we thought about ideas and not acted just the same? We wait until the opportunity passes and then, it is lost forever. People who touched our lives will be retained in our memories and their images will always give us hope. They will be our Angels forever. There will also be people who will leave indelible imprints. Like a recorder, we will replay in our memories the people who gave us the stepping stones to succeed, and those who put shackles on our feet – making us stumble. Again, who were those who extended a helping hand so that we could stand up again? We shiver at the thought of plasticity. Then we smile, they were all part of our journey providing either a bumpy or smooth ride.

We decide finally, it is time to move on from the crossroads. We choose, then we glide cautiously, one step at a time – a step higher in spirit and knowledge, regardless of what people say.

We will not be burdened by the prognosis of a judgmental society. We will not be social slaves – unable to move without approval.

Since this is the month of graduation. Many graduates will be at the crossroads. Deciding whether to take a job that is not exactly the course he or she has taken. Some will dive into the opportunities and others will wait. The quandary will be real. Their new world will not exactly be perfect.

I am reminded of an inspirational story about a graduate who wanted a car for a gift from his father. When the father gave him a Bible, he did not bother to look into it. He instead left his father and ventured into the world. When the father died, the same Bible was given to him and when he opened it, there he found the key to the car he wanted. If only he had looked.

The crossroads presents itself in the most unguarded moments and times. It is the choice we have to make – and there is no turning back.

~ Stella de Guia

Written by MattAndJojang

March 27, 2011 at 3:14 pm

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