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A Reason To Rejoice

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Photo: Justin See/Flickr

Semestral break has started. Teachers like me still stay for a week for grades and some paperwork.

Last night, i checked some exam papers and about to compute for grades when i realized that my notebook was missing. This notebook of mine contains some scores and pertinent information to compute for grades.

After looking for it, sadly, i did not find it. I said to myself, maybe i just left it in school.

I came to school very early, i did look for it but to my dismay, i did not find it. Panicking, my heartbeat increased, perspiring profusely, i was so worried.What hassles it would bring me and the delay for the submission of grades.

I prayed “Lord, please help find it.” An inspiration came to look at my school backpack again, concealed in the the array of folders, a familiar color emerged, my notebook!

Suddenly, i looked at my watch. Its 7:22am, I realized i planned to attend mass at 7:30am.

Had i not found my notebook,  i would be so worried the whole morning, the whole day even the whole week. Now I realized there is a reason to rejoice because God made sure i will find it. A reason to rejoice is a reason for gratitude. A reason to rejoice is a reason from God for me to come close to Him.

~ Leo Ferrer

Note: Leo is good friend of ours for almost 20 years now. He’s presently a college professor teaching chemistry in one of the universities here in Baguio. This is just first of a series of  his reflections that we will be posting, from time to time, in our blog… Thank you, Leo, for sharing.


Written by MattAndJojang

October 14, 2011 at 7:54 am

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