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What the Olympics is All About

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The most important thing in the Olympics is not to win, but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.

~The Olympic Creed

Written by MattAndJojang

July 30, 2012 at 8:40 am

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  1. This is wonderful. I don’t have it at hand just now, but I read the Special Olympics motto, too, and it has the same spirit to it – participation is what matters. And now just “being there” participation in the event itself, but the participation in everything that leads up to it – the practice, the training, and development of teamwork and pride.

    I’m not watching the Olympics much, but I do see some of the highlights. Despite some glitches, it’s as good as ever – and just as inspiring.


    August 4, 2012 at 5:23 am

  2. I’m glad you liked it, Linda. Personally, I have the tendency to focus on who’s winning the most medals when I watch or read about the Olympics, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. It’s good to be reminded that is not what the Olympics is all about.

    Speaking of the Special Olympics for differently-abled persons, it reminded me of a documentary I watched about a person who lost one of his legs because of an accident. After the accident, he confessed that he was so depressed that he thought of taking his life. Fortunately he met a swimming coach who taught him how to swim. He was so good at it that only after a month of swimming lessons the swimming coach decided to have him compete in swimming competitions for the differently-abled. He is now one of the best swimmers among the differently-abled swimmers in our country! And he admits that he is now a changed man.

    Participation in sports, the way the Olympic Creed envisioned it, changed him. Sports, when approached properly, can really do that. It inspires people, and builds character. And in the case of this person was literally a life saver!

    ~ Matt


    August 4, 2012 at 9:17 am

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