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MattAndJojang’s Blog is a faith-based inspirational blog of Matthew Aguas and his loving wife, Jojang.  The blog is mainly a collection of quotes, excerpts, stories, poems, and articles that inspired them.

Matt’s main interest is Christian monastic and contemplative spirituality, and learning from faith-traditions other than his own, especially Zen Buddhism; while Jojang’s is applying biblical truths to the ordinary events in daily life. (Matt’s Zen experience and what it meant to him as a Christian is found in this blog post: A Touch of Enlightenment: A Christian’s Encounter with Zen).

From time to time, Jojang writes about her reflections on the Bible. Matt dabbles in writing, too. Now and then, he writes about, among other things, the contemplative journey and Zen meditation. He also composes poetry (mostly haiku), and shares some of his poetry.

Jojang works as a home-based online travel writer, while lovingly taking care of Matt who suffers from chronic illness. Matt spends his time reading, blogging, meditating and praying.

They live in Baguio City, Philippines.

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August 17, 2008 at 4:53 am

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