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The Pope Is On The Phone

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Last year when Stella Soma answered the phone, he never expected the man at the end of the line. (Stella Soma is the personal assistant to the editor of La Repubblica, Italy’s main center-left newspaper).

Stella: “Who’s speaking?”

Pope Francis: “Papa Francesco.”

The Pope wanted to speak to Eugenio Scalfari, the 90-year-old atheist and founder of the paper.

At first Scalfari thought that it was a joke. But Stella insisted it wasn’t.

He told Scalfari: “No, it’s not a joke, I can’t make the Pope wait, so let me put you through.”

Pope Francis:”Good morning, this is Pope Francis… you asked me for a meeting, and I wanted to do that. Let’s fix a date… Wednesday I can’t . Maybe Monday? Is that OK with you?”

Scalfari: “Any day is fine with me. Monday is fine.”

It wasn’t the first time somebody received a call from Pope Francis. By this time he has made quite a number of personal phone calls. And most of the time the recipients of his telephone calls are ordinary people. That’s why in Italy he’s called the “cold-call Pope.”

After a series of phone calls and private meetings with Pope Francis, Scalfari was impressed. His conclusion: “He is a revolutionary Pope.”

This may be a too generous assessment of Pope Francis.

John Allen, a journalist who has been covering the Vatican for a long time, says: “Pope Francis is not a doctrinal radical. This is not Che Guevara in a cassock.”

Revolutionary or not, Pope Francis is definitely making radical changes in the Catholic Church.

As an astute observer of Pope Benedict’s papacy, he is aware how his predecessor was immobilized by the Vatican’s cumbersome bureaucracy. He also knows the damage done by the many cases of pedophilia among priests. The widespread corruption in the Vatican is certainly uppermost in his mind.

He is beginning to put in place reforms to address these issues. The cardinals who elected him are probably surprised by his moves. They got more than what they bargained for.

It’s no longer business as usual, and the status quo in the Vatican is shaken.

Although Pope Francis admits that he’s not a revolutionary, many Catholics like me are happy with the changes he’s implementing in the Catholic Church. He’s definitely on the right track.


Written by MattAndJojang

October 14, 2014 at 12:08 pm